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“It was named after a famous Thelonious Monk composition named ‘Round Midnight’, which describes the flavour and feeling of life of the people in the night and jazz clubs in New York,” says Ben van den Dungen, who was in the city to perform at The NCPA International Jazz Festival recently, and has an old connection with India. However, we don’t cover the music, and the arrangements are completely original,” reveals the 58-year-old tenor saxophonist, and adds that the lyrics of the famous tunes in their performance are already communicating with the audience. “All the music we play is from that time. Jazz music functioned as a combination of artistic expression, an outlet China wood drying equipment to protest, and a way for a homebody or an escapist to get out. Everybody is aware of that and is living up to it,” he says. According to Ben, everyone in jazz music has the freedom to create music without restriction by following an autonomous process. “The stories we tell in theatre shows are giving an added feeling to the music and makes it complete. The musician spent a few years learning Indian classical music with Dhanashree Pandit Rai. This phenomenon gave birth to some important musical artistes such as the Midnight Orchestra, previously known as Round Midnight Orchestra.

Every instrument or person has a specific role: The rhythm section has to swing, the melody has to be played right, and the solo has to have the blues,” he explains.Known as one of Europe’s hottest bands, comprising well-known musicians in Dutch jazz as well as some new and young talents, the band transports the audience back to the era of jazz, with its endless stories about love, desire, joy and despair. Researchers have been interested in Nav1. But that may be about to change. Wood, lead author of the study and a neuroscientist at University College London, told Ars.Even more promising, Wood and colleagues saw the same result in a 39-year-old woman with a rare mutation that shuts off Nav1.”Using genetically engineered mice, Wood and colleagues found that completely shutting off Nav1.7, helps generate the electrical signals that surge through pain-related nerve cells. But, when the researchers gave her a dose of the opioid-blocking naloxone, she felt pain for the first time — the sting of a tiny laser.7 and opioid painkillers is “fascinating,” Claire Gaveriaux-Ruff, a pain researcher and professor at the University of Strasbourg, told Ars.7-blocking drugs.

We all know about ‘carbon trading’ and ‘flexible mechanisms’. She adds, “No matter how advanced our society and technology is, we can never forget our origins, and we will always need something green around us. “I see a lot of people appreciating sustainability in the design process, which is really great.Sarita Handa, whose exhibition space was animated by three sets of craftspeople working on three different techniques, says that a large part of her brand’s environment friendly orientation lies in its manual labour-intensive approach to manufacturing. On the contrary, it’s intrinsic to it. With a message of going green, they are re-inventing woodwork, producing a range of modern furniture using eco-friendly techniques and sound structural design, and more.To help you with your buying decision, here is a variant wise breakdown of the Innova Crysta, listing features offered in each G Variant.Toyota has countered the increased weight by introducing not one, but two new diesel engines. It gets some feel-good features such as leather seats, auto up/down and more, which add that extra bit of G Eight Seater Rs. Toyota has done a commendable job in making something which was already good, even better. It has enough power to tackle the city commute and the highway stints, and has enough convenience features to make it really comfortable.

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The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has said it will consider the suggestion favourably. All the radiowaves being put for auction can be used for high speed 4G services.we will consider it. 98,995 crores from various levies and services in the telecom sector this financial year. 5.Soon after the NIA was issued, Edelweiss said in its report that it does not expect meaningful participation in 700MHz spectrum band due to high reserve price and relatively nascent 4G ecosystem.This is the first time radiowaves in 700MHz band will be China drying machine put up for auction.55MHz of mobile frequencies for auction in all bands – 700MHz, 800MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 2100MHz and 2300MHz.In the bidding round for the country’s biggest-ever spectrum auction, mobile radiowaves worth Rs.The government will put up a total of 2,354.They were of the view that auctions should commence at least three days after the mock exercise is conducted..The 700MHz band alone has potential to fetch bids worth Rs 4 lakh crore if all spectrum in it gets sold at the base price, although most telecom analysts have predicted a muted response in this band given the exorbitant pricing.

The government expects to raise at least Rs 64,000 crore from the auction of about 2,354.According to the auction timetable outlined in the bid document called the NIA, the mock auction is slated for September 26 and 27, while the auction commences from September 29, leaving only a day between the two events.At the pre-bid meeting on August 14, where DoT officials interacted with operators to clarify doubts pertaining to the upcoming auction, telcos said that the mock drill and the actual auction were cutting too close.A representative of leading mobile operator said that it is a big auction and should start from an auspicious day and not on September 29.Telecom companies on August 13, 2016 sought deferment of the mega spectrum auction by a day or two so as to provide more gap between the trial session and the actual start of bidding.55MHz of spectrum and Rs.Speaking to the operators, PK Mittal, DDG, Access Services at DoT said, “You send us proposal.”

The pre-bid conference was attended by representatives of various companies including RCom, Bharti Airtel, RJio, Idea, Vodafone, and Telenor amongst others.A representative of leading mobile operator also said that it is a big auction and should start from an auspicious day and not on September 29, which falls during the ‘Shradh’ rituals to pay homage to ancestors and people generally abstain from starting new work.”.” From plucked drums to ektara, the songs are replete with rhythmic sounds of different musical instruments. For instance, our track Maati talks about the journey of one’s life through the metaphor of going back to their roots or their inner consciousness. Another song Gaanja draws inspiration from a very ancient folk form of Sylhet folk or rather Kamrup folk. We have a section in this song, which is influenced by the tea-pluckers’ tunes, that they normally sing at their leisure time,” says Rahul. “Folk music is all about people and their emotions, places and life,” explains Randeep. The band recently released their self-titled six-track album that weaves contemporary rock and pop elements into Indian folk styles like Baul, Bihu, Bhatiyali and Sylheti.

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“Bollywood portable saw mill Suppliers music is one of our biggest influences and we’re not afraid to admit it.Peter Cat Recording Coeclectic, a multi-genre band offers its listeners a cocktail of different sounds, rhythms and beats. Now the whole band lives between Delhi and San Francisco,” shares bassist Rohan Kulshreshtha, who is a self-confessed lover of ’gambling and Las Vegas’. “Performing in Bengaluru is a completely different ball game, because people here actually know their music. The first time we ever played as a band was at a friend’s wedding reception. “The four of us met in college. Malik, along with his former bandmates Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson, all auditioned as aspiring solo artists on the hit reality competition series in 2010, but after failing individually, judge and music mogul Simon Cowell brought them together to compete as a group.And nearly a year after his exit from One Direction last March (15), Malik tells Beats 1 Radio DJ Zane Lowe he didn’t have much of a desire to be part of a boy band in the first place.Former One Direction Star Zayn Malik has revealed he never really wanted to be in the band after they were formed into a group on U.

“Giving us a sneak peak about what to expect in their debut album, Vamsi M Nath, guitarist and backing vocals says, “This album is about freedom. We also have a Europe tour planned with him.”Addressing their Austrian connect Shaheer says, “Our lead vocalist Boris from Austria, we use online Skype jamming sessions to collaborate.When a group of like-minded people blend, the outcome is always phenomenal. Boris will be coming to India again to record our album. Riju says, “The songs are an ode to both the polished thrills of the post-digital world and the pureness of the bygone era. You can definitely see that in our works. The band has released their debut EP (Extended Play), The Seed, this year.” Apart from Riju, the quartet band features Sujith Valiyaveetil (lead guitarist), Sai Sanjit (bass) and Paul Varghese (drums). They are, Just a Man, Let It All Rain (LIAR) and Repetitions.

Fish in the Sink’s fresh, topical music vibe to it is something truly commendable. I usually pen the lyrics and I keep it to the kinds of stuff I can relate to. There are four lives involved and bringing everything on the same table is an arduous task.” But they are not just that. There are only very few companies doing events which focus on indie artists.. The band has been touring around the country and has lots of projects in the pipeline. Looking back at the band’s journey, Riju Andrews, lead vocalist, recalls that it wasn’t a bed of roses. “We’ve had our ups and downs.”But he hopes things are changing and are on the right track.”"The band, formerly known as Toddy Waters, was looking for a lead vocalist and that’s how I joined the party,” says Riju. In fact, only a few manage to draw a decent crowd to their shows. “We are working on three songs. So I like to call it momentary or transient.Since its inception, Progressive Rock band Fish in the Sink has been one of the most prominently emerging bands down South.

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Integrated with an advanced security feature, its ‘anti-lost feature’ can help you to locate your phone when you have accidentally misplaced it somewhere..The band syncs the Smartphone’s notifications like incoming calls, text messages, email alerts and other realtime alerts from Facebook, Whatsapp and more to minimize the need for multiple gadgets. This fitness band features an Activity Tracker that monitors over 18 activities ranging from pedometer calculation to calories burnt throughout the day along with sleep monitoring. Equipped with lithium polymer battery it has 7 days of standby time.This fitness band in black colour is available with leading retail and Ecommerce stores across India. It also features 11 sports modes that calculate your movement whenever you indulge in any sports activity. The China bandsaw sawmill compact screen can display all the essential fitness information, clearly, whenever you need it, with just a flick of the wrist.You can monitor your health with AFB-38’s 24-hour dynamic advance heart rate monitor.

It also features a camera remote shutter that allows you to seamlessly control your Smartphone’s camera from your watch. This fitness band comes with TFT LCD colour screen display that is readable even in sunlight.Ambrane introduces the Smart Fitness Band ‘AFB 38’. The band also comes with continuous and advanced sedentary and goal completion reminder that motivates you towards your set goal targets with constant reminders.With its IP68 certified built, this waterproof band is resistant to dust, sand and water up to 1.5 Meters, making it ideal for daily wear be it gym, jogging or any other outdoor place.Beginning with playing hard rock versions of prominent Sufi kalaams and other songs, the band’s main essence lies in Sufism. So, after almost seven years of being on stage and travelling to almost all corners of the country to play, the current line up has settled in to being more or less the faces that define Zikrr.

Nevertheless, it will be intriguing to watch if the Englands team can fix its issues and problems in this year’s World Cup. However, this year the cricket governing body has decided to change the format of the tournament -– where ten teams will play versus other nine teams, and the four teams that comes out on top will advance to the semi-finals. The number one ranked unit in the ODIs is really trying hard to prove why it is the number one ranked side in ICC’s ODI rankings list.However, in 1877, the team avenged its loss against the Australians with a four-wicket.Hales seems the likely backup batting option and can play as an opening batsman or can play at number 3 while Root will play at 4 if needed. The Ivo Bligh-led team fought hard to win the Ashes series against Australia by 2-1. Especially, the trio of Jos Buttler, Bairstow and Roy are in tremendous form.Post World War II, the England side defeated a debuting Indian side, but, it failed to reclaim the Ashes as it went on to lose the Ashes by 3-0 under Wally Hammonds captaincy, and by 4-0 under Bradman’s leadership. Buttler amazed the crowd by smashing 9 sixes and 6 fours in his innings.

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Two weeks in, they were docked on a beach in Gassy, a couple of kilometres from Warsaw. “As soon as the ice melted on the Vistula and the currents of the Vistula and the (tributary) San were flowing freely, raft makers got to work bandsaw sawmill Manufacturers and sent the wood floating down to Gdansk,” Nikolas says while steering from the back.” The raftsmen sleep in traditional thatched tents and cook meals on an ever-burning fire. This year the descent is happening as Poland celebrates “The Year of the Vistula”. It disappeared with the beginning of the war in 1939 when the German armys bombs destroyed the bed of the Vistula river.”Wood merchants would entrust their merchandise with the raftsman, who often risked losing everything he owned, his house, his wife and children — all of which he would bond,” he said. We do it out of passion, to revive this trade.Gassy, Pologne: A group of Poles have assembled tree trunks into a long raft and are streaming down the countrys longest river, the Vistula, to revive the ancient tradition of timber floating. Shallow in some areas, there are tree trunks hidden underwater that can jam a raft.

Their raft is made up of four smaller ones assembled by tying together long planks of pinewood. These pines were exported to make masts for sailboats in England and Norway. “Two weeks into the descent, almost all our supplies are gone,” says Zygmunt Osip, as he added cabbage to a big cooking pot. “For me this trip is as beautiful as first love. “Ours is the most extensive timber floating today in Europe.. It is a very wild river that has known little development and dredging.Polish wood in Amsterdam Back in the day the raftsmen put a whole lot at the mercy of the river, Nikolas said. He did last years descent and joined the crew again this year. The crew left Ulanow, a village in the southeast of Poland, on July 2 and floated down the San. Wild riverIn 1991, Nikolas revived a brotherhood of Ulanow raftsmen who organised their first descent last year. They hope to do the 724 kilometres between their village and the Baltic in 29 days.” After the war, timber floating was replaced by trucks and trains.For centuries, timber floating brought wealth to many villages along the Vistula and its tributaries.

You can choose from the totally clean (prime grade) to the extremely busy (rustic) and the in-betweens (classic and character). For smaller areas, you can go for floating. Decide on a colour family —browns, greys, whites, that will go with the walls and furniture. clean textures are ideal for the children’s room.5-4 mm top layer and a Birch ply core.Maintenance: Wooden flooring needs to be dry mopped first, followed by damp mopping.— The writer is director of a wooden flooring design firm.Grade-grading: This is done based on the number and size of knots, sap and colour variations.Certification: It is very important to choose wood that has come from sustainable sources. There are many options — from clean and smooth textures to distressed including brushed, deep brushed and sawn. For eg. Insist on looking at bigger sample planks if you go for a grade other than prime to get a better idea of variations across a larger area. You can also get a burnt, smoked or stained look.Overall construction: Engineered wood flooring comes in a two or three-layer format with a core of HDF, wood or ply. Across a large space, installation is glued down. For Indian homes, matte lacquered finish is recommended..ChevronSurface finish: This is a coating that helps protect wooden flooring. Check out the various available shades and shortlist some.

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The familiarity of space, colour, décor and furniture congruity is a perennial source of comfort for the soul.— The writer started with family brand Tubestyle, and later conceptualised and built Vyom, focusing on innovative design, form and finish, delivering customised solutions. Wabi Sabi is the biggest design trend to look out for in 2018. Another emerging winner in interior colours is millennial pink, thwarting gender bias and creating a powerful expression in deeper versions of itself. Velvet and suede are showing up in a palette of moss green, royal blue, navy blue, mustard, reds and purples.Minimalist pastelsAs with the Wabi Sabi, the 2018 wall paint range is also looking towards simplistic shades. Creating well-coordinated and savvy home interiors becomes easy once you have a clear idea of your personal creative direction.For a more splashy and playful choice in colour, Pantone has predicted vibrant yellow and lemon popsicle in their scheme to bring out the smiles in people. In their forecast palette of 20 trend colours, Behr. The radical and ancient wood charring technique of shou-sugi-ban creates a layer of carbon that acts as a preservative from mould, water, insect and fire, exuding a strong visual appeal. The richness of velvet combined with rugged natural textures of reclaimed wood and cane bric-a-brac just might pique your interest for trendsetting home décor for 2018.Dark rich hues add extra depth to your homeMarble MotifsMarble is transcending from being a material to a design pattern.

Rug upholstery is all set to stamp a tribal look representing the global village concept in modern day interior decoration.From sunset to sunrise, and from weekdays to weekends, home is where you nest and rest after hectic hours of work and commute.Imperfections inspired by the Japanese trendDark TonesIn keeping with the earthen connection, blackened wood surfaces are making a comeback. They place great wood drying machine for sale emphasis on the restorative and tranquil effect of this hue that blends blue, grey and green to create an earthy tone. Just like it was in 15th century Japan, even today Wabi Sabi remains a statement of seeking beauty in imperfection, in reaction to the opulence and ornamental aesthetic of expensive décor. Bringing Wabi Sabi to your home would mean embracing minimalism and history. Other wood to look out for would be rosewood, walnut and marbling tones of mango wood. These bright, boldly graphic motifs of the kilim weave symbolise fertility, motherhood, union and good luck, and were used by the Persian and Turkish artisans for centuries, to protect their families from harm and evil. This inspired trend for 2017-18 will make you feel well-travelled and borne with eclectic gifts.Kilim prints add earthy tonesWabi Sabi.The era of frugal luxury is seeping in.A velvet feel is a must for a standalone piece in a living roomMake pastels work wondersVelvetLuxury fabrics will make a prominent appearance again in the living room styling, on sofas and even as wall covering.

It’s forecasted to arrive in 21st century homes as well perhaps to seek refuge from the prevalent grandeur and technological invasion. It reveres austerity, celebrates weathered surfaces and embodies a profound expression of time worn erosion. The emphasis is on destressing all the way. Dark tones of fuchsia, caramel creamy hues and tech-inspired green pairing in trendsetting combination will be seen on the mood boards of interior decorators soon.. Wrinkled look on linen, handcrafted organic décor, innately uneven pottery, cerused wood furniture (lime wax finish), and even tables with burn marks are part of the uniqueness of the Wabi Sabi feel. The bold geometric patterns of kilim and the flat woven tapestry dhurrie are likely to upholster light seating furniture like the chaise lounge, ottoman, fauteuil and footstool and bar stool. And go a long way in exuding verve and colour in your living has introduced In the Moment as Colour of The Year.If you are looking to revamp your abode or planning to decorate interiors afresh in the coming year, a few keywords from the 2018 forecast might come in handy.KILIMBring the globe-trotting feeling home. Black and white marble motifs are going to be visible in carpets, wall covering and furnishing fabric design. Gilded layering on painted surfaces will also be a trend with brass and silver metallic returning as a favourite next year.